Last Updated September 2, 2009

Get real value for your dollars with 70% Off already low prices of Tal-Shi Cosmetics. Use Discount code SNH901D at Life Extension. Sale ends on October 19, 2009.

The nutrients in TAL•SHI™ cosmetics will nourish the skin and improve the texture of bare skin, and beautify your face with radiant colors to guard the skin against damaging factors that accelerate aging.

Most cosmetics provide no benefit other than masking and coloring your face. An abundance of scientific evidence indicates that consumers would obtain a significant advantage if cosmetics were fortified with ingredients that help protect facial skin against environmental toxins and aging. If you regularly wear cosmetics to look outwardly younger; consider that the ingredients in TAL•SHI Cosmetics help enhance the quality of your skin underneath, in addition to providing an immediate improvement to your appearance.

LifeExtension Logo Life Extension is offering incredible sale 70% off on Tal-Shi Cosmetics including Talshi Aloe Toner with Chamomile, Talshi Lip Spark Iceberg, powders, foundations and so on.

Offer available to select customers only until October 19, 2009. Plus $5.50 standard S&H in the continental U.S. Discount code SNH901D. No other discounts apply including Membership Renewal Product Credit.

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